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Trademark registration

Trademark registration

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A trademark (aka trade mark) is the only way to give you ownership of your name or other brand designation across the whole of Australia. It can also be used to establish your brand internationally. 

Once your trademark is registered, you will have enforceable ownership rights to your name, logo or other mark. This is different from registering a company or business name, because only a trademark gives you the right to stop others from using your name. 

When you purchase this product, you purchase our assistance to prepare and file all of the documentation you need to protect your trademark. 

Please note: this product is to file your application only. There are additional government registration fees which you will need to pay directly once your application is accepted. The total cost using our service is $749 for one class, $649 for each additional class.

For example, for one class, you pay $499 to us (which includes the government application fee of $250) and a further $250 directly to them in registration fees upon acceptance. Each additional class is $399 to us (a $100 discount). Government fees are not discounted. 

Unsure if this product is for you? Visit our Help page for more details. 

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