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Market analysis report

Market analysis report

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Want to know what is happening in your industry? What your competitors are doing? Want to know what works on Google? We take the time to make you an easy to understand custom report, designed to your specifications, providing the valuable market research you desire. Give us the "what" and we will tell you "how". 

All we need from you is:

  • your industry or business keyword (e.g. personal trainer, wedding celebrant, fashion blogger)
  • the targeted location for your business (e.g. your suburb, city or region)

We will provide you with specific information on your competitors, trends and customers and our thoughts on marketing that works based on this data, in an easy to understand report filled with information to help your new business succeed. 

Estimated time of delivery to your email address is 1-2 business days.

Note: this product is designed primarily for new or proposed businesses. If you have an existing business over 12 months old, our Business Analysis Report is better suited. 

Unsure if this product is for you? Visit our Help page for more details. 

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